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Nr. 2 | 2013 |
New life
Piotr Masny, our energetic and enthusiastic head of the
Seatrans office in Poland, took our core company value
–“care” – to a new dimension. Here is Piotr’s story:
“On a visit to the Bergen head office, I noticed old desktops,
laptops andmonitors stacked on the floor in the IT Department.
Out of curiosity, I asked the IT manager Stig-Erik about what
they planned to do with this equipment? The answer surprised
Back home (in Poland) such equipment is considered valuable
while for the IT Department in Bergen, it was creating both
storage and waste disposal problems. That got me thinking –
OK, here’s some equipment we could do something positive
with and the people who have it don’t want it, so what can
we do?
We had no immediate answer but one thing was clear: Let’s
collect it and transport it to Poland. It took some time before
we managed to organise the transport, but in the early spring
of this year, we moved the equipment from the Bergen office
to Trans Carrier and then later, with a crew change minibus
from Trans Carrier to our office in Poland.
All of us working in Poland know someone who would be
more than happy to get a working computer for free. Once the
equipment was at the office, we called a person we know, a
member of the Large Families Association 3+, an association
for families with 3+ children. And yes, the first call got a result!
We found the perfect family to support. They have 7 children, 4
of them at school and in need of a computer. They now have
2 laptops and 2 desktops, and huge smiles on the children’s
faces, not to mention their parents. It’s priceless☺.
Families with 3 or more children find it too expensive to
provide each child with their own computer. That is why we
have already agreed to continue supporting the Large Families
Association 3+ whenever an opportunity like this arises.
I would like to say thank you to all those involved: IT staff, Trans
Carrier Crew and Poland Office staff.
These kinds of stories really show that we CARE.”
now have
2 desktops
and huge
on the
faces, not to
parents. It’s
Jan Cop
Jan Petter Kolset
Odd Terje Ræstad
Ante Vukic
Mircea Balagiu-Moga
Dariusz Cerek
Frode Fredriksen
Tadeusz Marian Plotka
Paul Rosculet
Cornel Tudose
Jaroslaw Wolanin
has joined the QHSE team at Seatrans Ship Management. Jan is
born in Onsøy, Fredrikstad and has had a long career at sea as
Safety Officer and Chief Officer at the Caribbean Cruise Lines and
in high speed passenger ferries. Now he has moved to Bergen
where he and his wife has done what other house owners in the
down town city center do: They rearrange a house from housing
students to be a nice family home. Jan Andreassen will bring a lot
of knowledge and experience from the safety and quality work
at sea back to new colleagues in the Seatrans. And among his
expectations is to transform good ideas brought into life in a coffee
break or whenever onboard, that inspires people to write a SIS
message that can result in an useful procedure for increased work
safety. Yes, Jan is totally committed to safety!
Our colleague and employee Jan Prusakiewicz
passed away on 14 March 2013 at the hospital
in Stavanger, after suffering a massive heart
attack while working on board Trans Carrier.
The burial ceremony took place at Jan’s home
town of Kolobrzeg, Poland, attended by his
colleagues from the vessel together with
Seatrans representatives from Norway and
Poland, who were all present to honour Jan.
Jan worked with us as an Able Seaman for over
13 years on board Baltic Guide, Trans Botnia
and for the last ten years on Trans Carrier.
He has been highly valued as an employee
and very much liked as a colleague.
Our deepest condolences go
to Jan’s family and his
colleagues from
Trans Carrier.
On behalf of all
of us in Seatrans
Piotr Masny
New arrival:
Jan Andreassen
In memory of
Jan Prusakiewicz